Louis Berry- A modern day rock n roller

You may have heard Louis Berry without even realising and you would be excused for thinking it was an older record straight out of the sixties as his sensational vocals really allow him to stand out in a crowd.

A string of incredible releases has meant he has been dubbed a modern day rock and roller and one of Liverpools finest exports. His retro sound but young face puts him in the same league as the likes of George Ezra, Ben Howard and Jake Bugg and all utilise their raw talent to create timeless vocals that become an instant hit with the audience

It was Berrys debut single .45 that really grabbed the nations attention and was also given the title of Radio 1s hottest record in the world. The lyrics throughout all his tracks are of real issues and problems that he has seen happen around him such as severe hardship and his brutally honest writing mean that he can share his experiences and life stories with the world ready for in similar positions to relate. He is true to his roots and background with his authentic Liverpudlian streaming through his hard hitting lyrics. 

His honesty stretches to how he want to be percieved and he is very frank about where he sits amongst other artists. Louis Berry is a true musician with raw musical talent, you would never see electronic gear such as laptops appear during his sets and you are highly unlikely to see him collabarate with a host of other writers or have someone else write his music for him.

Recording with the legendary producer Jacquire King, Louis Berry debut album is set to be released soon but in the mean time you should be listening to his fantastic music with my favourite being “Rebel.”

His gravelly voice is very addictive and the extreamly talented singer songwriter puts on an immense show and really controls the stage. Having already spent the last couple of years appearing at some of the UKs top festivals, Louis Berry is set to go from strength to strength increasing his fan base as he goes. 

Louis is playing Reading and Leeds Festival this year and I am very excited to see his set.




Robbie Williams becomes first ever patron for charity “Music Support”

Today marks the day that the incredible charity “Music Support” gained its first patron, a music icon, Robbie Williams.

Financially promoted by BRIT Trust, Music Support is a charity working within the music industry to provide help for those suffering with alchoholism, addiction or any form of mental or emotional health issue. Williams has been in the spotlight for many years and pubically tackled similar issues over the years, has said “This is such a timely undertaking and I am very happy to be its first patron.”

This momentous occasion will certainly bring valuable attention to the charity and Music Support Co-Founder and Trustee Andy Franks, said: “I was overwhelmed when Tim Clark called to say Robbie agreed to act as Patron for Music Support. We are incredibly grateful and honoured. Having Robbie on board will help bring Music Support to the attention of so many more people who may need our services, and to raise the funds to allow us to provide those services.

The charity was founded in April 2016 by some very influential people all of whom had experiences of recovery and addiction. This included the likes of Andy Franks (previously Robbie Williams tour manager), musician Mark Richardson and addiction treatment expert Johan Sorensen and with ample knowledge of industry aswell as the personal experiences of addiction, were able to create a project specifically aimed at those involved in music. A place renowned for its challenges to people suffering with these issues.

The service has come a long way in its first 15 months, initially offering a support helpline, it now has expanded to be able to provide clear support, assistance and guidance to appropriate professional help such as therapists, psychaiatrists and residetial treatement centres. Since growing, callers are able to recieve a range of services from an empathetic and friendly ear to short ot long term residential treatments. Counselling sessions have been made available to artists on tour via Skype and Music Supports Crisis team have been able to offer on location assistance aswell. 

These services have, up to now, been funded by the client however the charity have a short term goal to be able to provide needs and means tested scholarships and either discounted or free treatments from their network of highly dedictated and supportive professionals. 

During the course of this summer, and with the support of Festival Republic and The BRIT trust, Music Support have been providing “Safe Tents” and selected festivals across the UK. Safe Tents are an area of the festival where artists, festival staff and crew are able to spend a quiet moment in an alcohol and drug free space. Here they can speak to someone who can help assist them in the range of invaluable treatments available to them to suit their concerns. 

UK Summer Festival Safe Tent schedules (completed)

– Download Festival

– Glastonbury Festival

UK Summer Festval Safe Tent Schedule coming up

– British Summer Time- Hyde Park

– Wireless Festival

– Latitude Festival

– V Festival (Weston Park and Hylands Park)

– Reading and Leeds Festival

Having self funded the launch of this amazing charity, Music support is now heavily reliant on donations to further fund its programme. To donate please visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/music-support


Matt Wills- Omeara 29th June 2017

When it comes to new music there is plenty of incredible acts coming into the lime light and Matt Wills is one of them. 

His headline show at Omeara, london was scheduled for May 2017 but had to be cancelled at short notice however was promptly rescheduled for 29th June and I went along to see his talent live!

Walking around London Bridge and around the Borough Market area there is deep reminders of recent terror events however there are also incredible signs of solidarity and love which line the way towards the beautiful venue Omeara.

Omeara is a 350 capacity music venue and club space that has been created by Mumford and Sons star Ben Lovett. It is ideally located in the heart of Londons Borough Market and has played host to some incredible acts in the 8 months that it has been opened. The building as fantastic facilities and the music venue room has a period ballroom feel to it offering the perfect intimate gig setting. 

I got to the venue at the tail end of Matts support act Lauren Faith. Lauren gave a fantastic performance, getting the audience warmed up ready for the headliner later in the evening. Lauren premiered her new single Rush which is available from 5th July.

After a quick stage set up change over, the Omeara had filled out in time for Matt Wills to take to the stage. Humbled by the number of people who had attended, Matt went on to command the stage in a sterling performace that was wonderful to see. WIth the support of his incredibly talented band, tracks such as “Ellie get your gun”, “ADX”, “Wallflower” and my personal favourite “Emily” were played with a large number of fans in the audience singing along word for word. A guest appearance from Devlin got the crowd into a frenzy whilst the pair performed “Hurricane” and a short by sweet cover of Bastilles “Warmth” added some variety to Matts first headline show.

I have followed Matt Wills success over the past few months and felt proud to witness this fantastic performance. Matt is an incredibly talented singer/ song writer whose lyrics are real and honest and with the world as it is at the moment, this honesty means that the listener can relate entirely. 

His talent is unbelieveable and whilst I would encourage every single person to check out his music, I would equally insist that you have to see him live as he is a fantastic performer. 

“Virtue” is his latest single and was released on 30th June with his debut album “Cigerettes and city lights” being released 21st July but available to pre order now.

Matt Wills will be playing live at Victorious Festival August Bank holiday.


Shelter- Music for Grenfell

When the news broke of a horredous fire that tore through the homes and hearts of a London neighbourhood, people immediately rallied together to offer sanctuary for those who had been left with nothing. At a time where familys have been torn apart with an unpresidented level of heart ache and loss, the love and compassion of a community pulling together in an attempt to restore any remaining hope has been the light during this very dark time. 

Since the devestating blaze, Shelter have been working tirelessly to help those affected and to ensure that those left homeless were rehoused. In addition the charity have been a lifeline to offer assistance and support to those who lived in the tower and nearby and ensure that these people are listened to. In order to do this Shelter work closely with local authorities to ensure the local people are provided the correct and substantial advise to aid them to try to rebuild their lives and to assist them through this most horrific time. 

With many questions still unanswered by the authorities, it is the impartial charities such as Shelter that desperately require additional finance to ensure they are funded well enough to provide this essential work. Bakery Boy Music proudly supported the Shelter fund raising gig on 27th June 2017 in Shepherds Bush, Bush Hall. The event was announced only a week before with artists Olugbenga of Metronomy, The Boxer Rebellion and Bastille offering their time and talent to attract the ticket sales and perform stripped back sets and Jack Savage (Friendly Fires) and concrete disco performing DJ sets. These wonderful acts dedicated the time and waivered any associated costs in order to put on a show whereby 100% of money raised went to the charity and directly to Shelters new Emergency Relief Fund for the people of Grenfell Tower. 

With a capacity of only 425, this intimate show was as magical and mesmerising as you could imagine with every person within the building having an overwhelming need to offer help and support where possible to Shelter. Pearse Grady, Bakery Boy Music, pulled the gig together within such a short space of time but with such precision that the event was a total success. The Bush Hall is beautiful with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, carpeted flooring and lovely ornate walls, the former dance hall is now a successful independent music venue and an ideal setting not far from the Grenfell Tower site.

The Boxer Rebellion opened the evening with a fantatic acoustic set. The Tennessee-native front man Nathan Nicholson gave us impeccable vocals set againts the incredible stripped back set. 

Olugbenga Adelekan performed solo with his captivating deep tones echoing beautifully around the hall. The Nigerian born musician plays bass for Metronomy however that night stood on stage alone with his guitar and performed an wonderful set.

Headliners, Bastille took to the stage later that evening performing stripped back versions of their tracks including Flaws, Icarus and of course the very fitting Warmth. The band have rightfully been vocal at recent gigs regarding political and social issues and with at this gig we had a fitting speech from Woody (Drummer) where he reminded the audience to stay angry and keep the pressure on councillers and MPs to get answers and to bring accountability to those that have caused this trauma. There is also a calling to ensure that this doesnt happen again and we need to be sure voices are heard in regards to this. 

Bastille are no stranger to donating their time to charity gigs having recently headlined at Union Chapel for Streets of London and with their ever growing popularity the band are able to bring the crowds to charity events in order to raise the money needed to really help and support our communities.

Pearse Grady should be very proud of what was achieved that night and I know that everyone involved deserves so much credit. Even with the final amount raised still to be annouced, we are able to confirm that 100% of the proceeds will go to those that need it most. I felt honoured to attend such a wonderful event, watch the talented musicians and artists and be able to contribute to the fantastic work that Shelter do. 

Thank you to everyone involved.




An alternative rock band based in London, Judas have only been togther a couple of years but have made waves through the music scene. 

Band members are John Clancy, vocals and guitar; Todd Blackmore, guitar; Sam Horvath, drums; and James Phillips, bass and having finished a UK tour in May and spending the summer featuring in the line up of some of the best festivals, Judas are taking no prisoners when it comes to making an impression. They are gaining a reputation as a band that you simply must see and I was lucky enough to catch their set at Isle of Wight Festival this year and have become a big fan! 

With a repetoire of tracks they have written themselves, these extreamly talented musicians are set for big things. They have recently released “Some People” with their video now available to take a look at. 

John Clancy dominates the performance each time he takes to stage and the rest of the lads put in so much energy and passion that they could easily be mistaken for rock n roll veterans who had been doing the circuit for many years. Judas have the skill to control a show and the audience whether it be a small initimate gig or a large set up. Their stage presence is mesmerising and with hard hitting, anthemic music it is no wonder that they are regulars on the festival scene.


Listening to their tracks, a firm favorite of mine is “Love is the enemy.” The impeccible vocals and smooth guitar mixed with the perfect bass and punchy drum beat are a prime example of the timeless melodies that they are producing. 

Opening the mainstage at Reading Festival on the Friday and Leeds Festival on the Saturday this year, Judas are contining to build their fan base and prove to be the best that they can be. I cant wait to see them again!!

We look forward to hearing more from them and seeing some incredible sets in the very near future. 



Eden Sessions

Once again I find myself at a Bastille gig but this time its in a venue I have never been to before. Eden Project.

Tucked away in a quarry near St. Austell, Eden Project sits amongst fantastically maintained gardens with imposing biomes filled with different natural environments. The tranquil and relaxing atmosphere creates a perfect day out with plenty to see and do across the site however every summer, an outdoor arena is set up to create an out of this world musical experience unlike no other.

Eden Sessions is a festival without mud and wellies, a series of gigs performed outside no matter what the weather. June has a tendancy to be unpredictable with the elements but since we are amidst a heatwave, this session couldnt have been any better. With temperatures souring we made our way through the main entrance, there was no queues (which was a bonus) and after the security checks we headed down towards the biomes.

I have been to many gigs and festivals and this is by far the most well organised I have ever been to. There are pleny of staff on hand to help and assist as required, different bars available including a cocktail bar in a courtyard garden, and access to the Eden Project restaurant for food. It was run so smoothly. The entire site is clean and tidy and all attendees have a mutual respect for their surroundings which is a novelty compared to other festivals i have been too!

The stage is located infront of the biomes with the majority laid to tarmac but with sloping grass to the back of the arena. We positioned ourself on the grass at the back in the knowledge that all areas are well positioned for great viewing. 

Cider in hand we were set ready for the support act. The arena started to fill up quite quickly but there was still adequate room for people to not feel claustrophobic. 7.45pm the INCREDIBLE Rationale came onto stage.


Tinashe Fazakerley, whose stage name is Rationale, treated us all to an wonderful soulful set full of power and passion. Having recently recieved public recognistion from Katy Perry, Rationale’s profile is increasing dramatically and it is thoroughly well deserved since he has put every ounce of his energy into his music and each performance he gives is incredible. His set was a great mix of his recent and older music and he was the perfect act to warm up the audience ready for the headliners to take to the stage. 

This was the second time I have seen Rationale live on stage and with a summer of various festivals and gigs including Victorious Festival, Southsea, I am looking forward to seeing him perform again.

With the sun going down the greatly anticipated Bastille took to the stage. It is a well known fact that I am a huge Bastille fan and in all honesty, I would always struggle to be able to critisise their sets. Now nearing the end of the Wild World tour, you would have though that the guys would be showing some signs of flagging yet each and every time I see them they continue to give 110%. The energy that goes into their sets is admirable whether it be in a 1 hour slot at a major festival or their own headline set like Eden Sessions, I feel that they put on a fantastic show.

The indie-pop band are renownded for their political connatations within their tracks and following recent events, the lyrics become more relevant then we would care to believe. Performing tracks from their second album, Wild Wild World, the likes of Warmth and The Currents rang around the arena with meaning, with the crowd joining in and singing lines such as “Hold me in this wild wild world” and “we’re living in the currents you create.” Lead singer Dan Smith made reference to the world as it is and how messed up everything is and the crowd lapped up these comments with everyone in total agreement to the points he was making.


We were treated to a great mix of tracks from both albums with Dan singing and jumping through the audience to Flaws. This was a real crowd pleaser with an array of cameras immediately being raised to grab photos of him as he was up close with fans of all ages. The singer is renowned for his admittance to being a poor dancer and as such jumping is the best he can do. Having been to many Bastille gigs, I am usually up front in the crowd getting fully involved with the jumping yet being sat at the back felt like being in a garden party with your family giving you strange looks when you start to leap around like a crazy person. 

To my delight, Dan soon took up his position just behind us on a small stage and encouraged every one to jump around to “Of the night” meaning that the previously reserved people around me soon loosened up and were getting involved with the atmosphere that had been going on at the very front all evening.

As the sun set, the lighting from the stage really set the performance off and with the biomes also being illuminated to match the stage lighting it looked perfect.

The gig was fantastic, the setting was idealic and having never been to an Eden Sessions before, I left with a sense of complete satisfaction.

Walking back up to the top of the quarry you could look back at the scenary which were now lit in such a way that everything looked magical. The biomes were now yellow and blue, the pathways were beautifully lines with lighting and the distant sound of fans singing on the way out and the buzz of everyones positive comments regarding the evening rung in the air.

Bastille were incredible, as always and cant wait to see them again across the summer.

A fantastic evening at an unlikely music venue and a location I would love to visit again.



Otherkin- Uncontrollably Addictive

Being invited along to see a band play is special at any time but for me to be offered the chance to watch Otherkin headline their own show was incredible.

The last time I saw these guys play was at this exact same venue, The Boiler Room, where they supported The Amazons in March and at the time I described Otherkin as “Uncontrollaby addictive” and this is now ten-fold. Solo-gigging is a new one for me but when Otherkin so kindly invited me along I had to attend and I was so pleased I did.

Grabbing a quick chat with Conor Wynne (guitarist) before the show, we spoke about life for Otherkin over the past couple of months including the set slots at Victorious Festival and Download festival already confirmed aswell as the support gig they have got for Guns n Roses at Slane Castle. Conor decribed how insane it was to be playing Slane Castle and that they are opening the show which at full capacity will be 80,000 however they expect a good 20,000 to be in attendance when they take to the stage. Since meeting them earlier this week, the Guns n Roses show took place and having read the reviews already the Dublin based Punk Rock band appear to have smashed it once again! I wouldnt have expected anything less to be honest!

The summer for Otherkin is looking rather impressive with other big news due out soon I am sure we will see a lot of these four. We are all now eagerly anticipating the album which Conor said is hopefully going to be ready for release later this year.

Back to the gig and on a warm May evening, I made my way to the infamous Boiler Room in Guildford where I was met with ever familiar poster clad place. I have said it before and I will say it again, this is such a great venue and a fantastic oppotunity to see great bands just like of Otherkin up close and personal.

Supported by Inca Roads and Bad Nerves, we were treated to some real talent before the headliners made their way on stage. Both bands gave the performance of their life and got the audience warmed up and ready. These two bands are definately worth following and I look forward to hearing more from them both soon.

Very quickly the Boiler Room started to live up to its name with temperatures rising rapidly but as the audience grew so did the hype for Otherkin. As soon as Luke, Conor, Dave and Rob took to the stage and started to play the show started. I cant get over how brilliant their shows are and the energy they put into their performaces. The Punk Rock foursome performed their tracks like true professionals including Ay Ay, I was born and their recent single Bad Advise. 

I was blown away by their set, their energy, their charisma and of course their impeccable way of captivating their audience. Solo gigging to a punk rock show wasnt something I would have seen myself doing yet I am so pleased to have been there to witness this incredible performance. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from my favourite irish lads over the coming months.