11th February… 🤘

After a usual busy Saturday for me and my family I was very much looking forward to heading into Winchester to celebrate the birthdays of 2 my closest friends.

Being live music fans we knew the night would end in O’Neils where they have regular live acts at the weekends. Thunderslug were last nights booking and boy were they energetic! It was a quiet start in the venue but it wasn’t long until the crowd numbers grew, drinks were flowing and everyone was on their feet singing and dancing. 

Thunderslug are a 5 piece rock ‘n’ roll cover band from the South of England who clearly have a real passion for what they do. Last nights gig included some great covers from Fleetwood Mac to The Foo Fighter and anything in between. The atmosphere was electric and these guys certainly put their all into the show. 

Thunderslug are available for private bookings and I would thoroughly recommend them.


Or follow them on facebook

O’ Neils Winchester is a favourite go to for me and my friendss for live music as they seem to find and attract great bands who know how to get the audience going. Mix this with a few ciders and a jagerbomb or two and you have got yourself a cracking night out!


Fifty Shades Darker

In the cold and rain I joined the crowds in London to catch a glimpse at the beautiful cast of Fifty Shades Darker.

Having been part of the crowds at other premiers before and feeling the buzz, I was particularly looking forward to seeing Christian Grey himself and he didnt disappoint. 

The cast descended on a chilly Leicester Square to promote the highly anticipated steamy romantic film.

First to arrive was the ever charming Director, James Foley closely followed by the talented author EL James and the leads themselves Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Heart throb Jamie posed with his wife Amelia Warner before being pictured with his on screen love interest.

Rita Ora was also in attendance wearing a beautiful Navy blue bejewelled dress show stopping gown.

Unfortunately between myself and the stars were protestors demonstarting against the content of the film. Whilst I could just about make out the dashing silhouette of Jamie Dornan, we were unable to meet the stars as, understandably, they werent allowed past the demonstrators. 

As disappointing as that was, it was an amazing atmosphere which some diehard Fifty Shades fans in tow. 

Guests included the likes of Jorgie Porter, Katie Price, Linda Robson and Ella Eyre amongst the cast including Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and Rita Ora.

(Quick snap with the incredibly talented Ella Eyre)

This film is certainly one to watch and today is the day it is finally released in cinemas across the UK. I for one cant wait to see it and shall be booking a date in very soon.
No Rules, No punishments and No more secrets…

Exciting things are happening

Evening world!!!

I wanted to let you know about my amazing few days!

I have set up a twitter account 87amyelizabeth although still mastering this.Instagram is all up an running amy.elizabeth87 (i do love a filter!) and then this blog is starting to recieve a great number of views all over the world! 

So bloody exciting!

On top of all this I am actively approaching music events in order to write about the experiences for you all. I have had an amazing response from PR and press offices and have already been given the green light to attend as press to some wonderful festivals!

I am on cloud nine!!!!!!

Can believe people are willing to give me a chance. I am so ready to smash it! 


Planning in progress

Hi everyone!

Happy February!

I can’t believe how quickly January went. And what a January it was!

Firstly I want to thank every single person that has viewed my first,very amateur blog. I have genuinely been over whelmed with the number of views I have had and from all over the world. Equally thank you to all my new instagram followers. It is so motivating to see your interest in me and my goals so thank you so much!

My January has mostly been building up my followers, viewing so much amazing unsigned music and planning my next few months.

I am borderline obsessive with instagram and some of the music I have seen has been incredible! I have been loving the live option so when people are filming at gigs I get the privilege of listening in and the talent is outstanding. I have every intention of following this more closely and raving about specific artists who really stand out for me. If you know of or are a musician, band or solo artist please follow me Amy.elizabeth87 as I would love to hear from you.

In other exciting news I met with the senior PR media relations manager and the events manager at virgin media today! I was so lucky that they agreed to meet me as I wanted to gain knowledge of event management and PR and they were able to provide me with some wonderful bits of advise and insight so that I can look at this in more detail.I would LOVE to be able to be involved with the organising and management of a high profile event such as V Festival which is what drew me to these lovely ladies in the first place. I have contacts action points and details I need to move this dream forward so this is where my planning starts to take shape.

I have spent the last couple of weeks reaching out to festivals to see what involvement I can have with them. I’m very excited to have heard back from Hogsozzle which looks to be a fantastic event full of character and fantastic music so watch this space!

Please do follow me on instagram and share this blog as I have every confidence that this year is going to be one hell of a journey and I can’t wait!


speak soon. X

Start of things to come…

thank you for following my blog.


This is new to me but something I have wanted to do for a while. I’m a 29 year old wife  to James and mother to my 5 year old son. I work for a large corporate property company where I run the property management for the lettings teams. I am very proud of what I have achieved and the position I have worked so hard to get to.


As as a youngster, I spent a lot of my time writing, acting, singing and I even learnt to play the double bass! It would be me that instigated a group of us in a circle in the playground to spend play time singing spice girls songs, or starting an Abba tribute act. I loved to perform. It didn’t mean I was any good at it  but I loved it.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to record the top 40 on a Sunday evening and to write a piece based on the outcome. I recorded nearly every broadcast of the 9/11 disaster and wrote a number of  columns for my own make believe newspaper.Journalism was where I wanted to head and as I grew up, magazine journalism was my passion with a focus on music and popular culture.

I was an organiser, plays, shows, clubs, social gatherings etc

At 18 I finished college passing Sociology, Business,film and media and started to thing about you next move. University? Or take a year out?

I decided a year out was a great idea and I started to work as a letting administrator in the same company I work for now.

Life happened….

The job was comfy, I was in a stable relationship and we bought a  house….no more uni dreams.

10 and a bit years later and I have a lovely family, a roof over our head, a good job butI have come to the realisation I am nearly 30 and all the exciting aspirations I had as a child and teenager haven’t been followed. I have only been to 1 festival!! I have only been to 3 gigs!

So you have joined me at an exciting time and this year is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!! I intend to go to festivals and shows and gigs and write about it so you can be part of this with me!

I have some some amazing meetings scheduled which I shall speak about on the next blog.

Im very excited about this and hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

Catch-up very soon