Louis Berry- The Boiler Room- Guildford

17th October saw Liverpool lad, Louis Berry take to the intimate stage at The Boiler Room to give the audience a taste of his talent and show off all he had to give.

His swagger and stage presence oozes confidence while his modern rock and roll sound conbined with his unique and addictive voice radiates soul. Throughout the entire set he had the crowd at his beck and call and having been the only artist I have seen to swig Jack Daniels straight from bottle, he was certainly up for a good night.

The up and coming artist has spent the summer touring and playing festivals, building a fan base that will inevitably follow him as he conquers the music scene. Opening the set with Rebel, Nicola and .45 before he even spoken got the crowd rared up and the atmosphere in the venue was immense. The energy that Louis and his band put into the performance was admirable and when Louis swapped his guitar to acoustic, the tempo changed to hear the beautiful lyrics of Laurie. 

Berry’s gravelly tones gave each song a personal touch and again, he made reference to his thoughts on those that do not write their own songs, further proving that his talent doesnt just lie on stage but also in the studio when he writes. 

Louis Berry clearly enjoyed every moment on that stage and fed off the energy that the crowd were giving off. Of course there was only one way to end such a strong and incredible set and that was with She Wants Me which gave everyone in the room one last chance to dance, jump and sing out loud.

If you get the chance to see Louis Berry play live I would thoroughly recommend it. A set and performance to rival even the most established of artists and a lyrical genius with a keen eye for audience enticement, a proper entertainer!


The Hoosiers- The Trick to Life 10 year anniversary

Night 5 of an extensive UK tour celebrating the tenth anniversary of their hit record “The Trick to Life” saw The Hoosiers descend on Guildford into one of my most favourite intimate venues The Boiler Room. 

The night opened with a set from Hampshire based Flash Fires. Having previously supported the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen and Ash, it was evident that there indie/ alternative rock sound was going to compliment the imminent Hoosier. The five piece put on a brilliant performance and really warmed up the audience for the evening ahead.

Second support was Nikki Ambers. Having confessed her nerves to the crowd and standing alone on stage, she went on to provide a beautiful, soulful performace singing tracks which are both honest and truthful.

Who can believe that 10 years ago we were singing our hearts out to “Goodbye Mr A” and “Cops and Robbers” yet here we are celebrating a decade of this incredible record. When The Hoosiers announced their anniversary tour, we were all pretty excited but to play in the small and intimate venues was just special and something that was not to be missed. 

As the foursome took to the stage of their sell out show, the crowd erupted and sent temperatures souring in the aptly named Boiler Room.  The first half of the show featured The Trick To Life played in full from start to finish. Despite attracting a mixed age group of fans, everyone was bought together with the hits “Goodbye Mr A” “Cops and Robbers” and “Worried about Ray” in a nostalgic chorus of song that echoed around the venue. 

The entire set was a electric celebration of a momentous record and ended with some of their more recent work plus a couple of covers from the likes of The Weekend. 

A fantastic gig laced with everything you would ever want from a nostaligic and reminiscent set in a pretty sweaty yet charming music venue.