The Jackobins

The Jackobins are:

Dominic  – Vocals

Veso – Guitar

Tom – Bass

Sean  – Drums

The Jackobins are a Liverpool based band who have taken the festival scene by storm this summer with a series of incredibly energetic sets and zealous tracks. Despite changes to band members, their latest (and hopefully final) arrangement has allowed them to refocus, cement band dynamics and put out great music. They have picked up a strong fan base along the way and following their recent announcement where they will be supporting The Wholls, they will no doubt continue to grow and be one to watch in the very near future. 

I had a chat with bassist Tom Donoghue about how his love for music has played a part in The Jackobins and what is coming up for the band:

How did you all meet? I think Dom and Veso met in karaoke bar where Dom was obviously hogging the mic and after hearing him sing, Ves insisted they form a band. Me and Sean met in college and joined the band later on after a few line up changes. 

When did your love for music start? Personally I’ve always loved music as far back as I can remember I used to sit and listen to my parents cassettes and CD’s for hours at a time, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and the rest but it really started when I watched the Live8 concert on telly whatever year that was 2005/6 maybe, I was about 9 or 10 and I couldn’t bare chart music at the time all the acts that were on throughout the day couldn’t really stimulate a 9 year old but later on in the night when Pink Floyd and The Who played I was amazed at these 60 year old men doing what they do and it’s all I’ve wanted to do since.

What type of music do you all listen to? Who are your favourite artists? All four of us have a wide range in our music tastes, when we’re together on the way to a gig we tend to listen to up and coming bands most of them we’re quite often on the same bill. Life At The Arcade, The Americas, Mint, The Shimmer Band, The Wholls, Dreamwife, Bang Bang Romeo, The Assist, the list just keeps going really.

As you said the band have gone though a few line up changes however with you and Sean now well and truelly a firm part of the Jackobins, do you all get involved in the song writing? Yeah it comes quite naturally for the four of us to write a song together. We don’t sit down and say lets write a song, we just kind of jam an idea or two and keep adding to it until the bones of a song is there and it works. We don’t write a song as anything less than a foursome because we believe in writing together as a band.

What gives you inspiration for great lyrics? Dom, being the one who sings them, is definitely the main lyric writer and he has a great concept of how lyrics and melody need to work together for the sake of a song and it seems like he just sings whatever is on his mind as we’re writing the song and that sort of becomes it and he just goes off and finalises them until a song is studio ready.

Who do you play your songs to first to gauge a reaction? We tend to play our songs to people who aren’t going just tell us what we want to hear because having a fresh pair of ears on something you’ve been so close to for however long it’s took to get it ready is always a good idea. Industry people who we trust are usually first to hear new material.

I saw you play an incredibly energetic set at the Jack Rocks stage at Isle of Wight Festival, how was that for you? The Isle of Wight set for us was amazing, we’d only been playing together for just over 2 months and it was a Friday night slot at the first major festival of the year so we knew we had to gear up for it, playing the set is a bit of a blur to me now but walking off stage at the end to nothing but rave reviews was pretty special considering we’re still technically a new band.

You are playing a few festivals this summer including Victorious Festival in August, What do you like best about the festival sets? The thing about festivals is that they’re as raw as it comes, no soundcheck, you’re not selling tickets so you have no idea how many people are going to turn up to see you you’re literally just setting up, playing and hoping for the best. We’ve had some fantastic turn outs at festivals and played some of our favourite sets, the best thing for me is gathering a crowd of people who have probably never heard of us and seeing them singing along and having it.

What can we expect of your set at Victorious Festival? Victorious is one we’ve all been excited about since it got confirmed, it’s great to be part of another fantastic line up and we really just want it to go the same way as all of our other festival slots this summer, we want to see people on the barrier having it and singing along and make sure anyone who isn’t having it at first is having it large by the end.

What is next for The Jackobins? We’re really excited to play victorious and Reading festivals and we’ve got some big announcements coming soon. Watch this space.

Be sure to catch The Jackobins on tour with The Wholls this September and also at Victorious Festival August bank holiday in Southsea,Portsmouth


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