Louis Berry- A modern day rock n roller

You may have heard Louis Berry without even realising and you would be excused for thinking it was an older record straight out of the sixties as his sensational vocals really allow him to stand out in a crowd.

A string of incredible releases has meant he has been dubbed a modern day rock and roller and one of Liverpools finest exports. His retro sound but young face puts him in the same league as the likes of George Ezra, Ben Howard and Jake Bugg and all utilise their raw talent to create timeless vocals that become an instant hit with the audience

It was Berrys debut single .45 that really grabbed the nations attention and was also given the title of Radio 1s hottest record in the world. The lyrics throughout all his tracks are of real issues and problems that he has seen happen around him such as severe hardship and his brutally honest writing mean that he can share his experiences and life stories with the world ready for in similar positions to relate. He is true to his roots and background with his authentic Liverpudlian streaming through his hard hitting lyrics. 

His honesty stretches to how he want to be percieved and he is very frank about where he sits amongst other artists. Louis Berry is a true musician with raw musical talent, you would never see electronic gear such as laptops appear during his sets and you are highly unlikely to see him collabarate with a host of other writers or have someone else write his music for him.

Recording with the legendary producer Jacquire King, Louis Berry debut album is set to be released soon but in the mean time you should be listening to his fantastic music with my favourite being “Rebel.”

His gravelly voice is very addictive and the extreamly talented singer songwriter puts on an immense show and really controls the stage. Having already spent the last couple of years appearing at some of the UKs top festivals, Louis Berry is set to go from strength to strength increasing his fan base as he goes. 

Louis is playing Reading and Leeds Festival this year and I am very excited to see his set.




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