Robbie Williams becomes first ever patron for charity “Music Support”

Today marks the day that the incredible charity “Music Support” gained its first patron, a music icon, Robbie Williams.

Financially promoted by BRIT Trust, Music Support is a charity working within the music industry to provide help for those suffering with alchoholism, addiction or any form of mental or emotional health issue. Williams has been in the spotlight for many years and pubically tackled similar issues over the years, has said “This is such a timely undertaking and I am very happy to be its first patron.”

This momentous occasion will certainly bring valuable attention to the charity and Music Support Co-Founder and Trustee Andy Franks, said: “I was overwhelmed when Tim Clark called to say Robbie agreed to act as Patron for Music Support. We are incredibly grateful and honoured. Having Robbie on board will help bring Music Support to the attention of so many more people who may need our services, and to raise the funds to allow us to provide those services.

The charity was founded in April 2016 by some very influential people all of whom had experiences of recovery and addiction. This included the likes of Andy Franks (previously Robbie Williams tour manager), musician Mark Richardson and addiction treatment expert Johan Sorensen and with ample knowledge of industry aswell as the personal experiences of addiction, were able to create a project specifically aimed at those involved in music. A place renowned for its challenges to people suffering with these issues.

The service has come a long way in its first 15 months, initially offering a support helpline, it now has expanded to be able to provide clear support, assistance and guidance to appropriate professional help such as therapists, psychaiatrists and residetial treatement centres. Since growing, callers are able to recieve a range of services from an empathetic and friendly ear to short ot long term residential treatments. Counselling sessions have been made available to artists on tour via Skype and Music Supports Crisis team have been able to offer on location assistance aswell. 

These services have, up to now, been funded by the client however the charity have a short term goal to be able to provide needs and means tested scholarships and either discounted or free treatments from their network of highly dedictated and supportive professionals. 

During the course of this summer, and with the support of Festival Republic and The BRIT trust, Music Support have been providing “Safe Tents” and selected festivals across the UK. Safe Tents are an area of the festival where artists, festival staff and crew are able to spend a quiet moment in an alcohol and drug free space. Here they can speak to someone who can help assist them in the range of invaluable treatments available to them to suit their concerns. 

UK Summer Festival Safe Tent schedules (completed)

– Download Festival

– Glastonbury Festival

UK Summer Festval Safe Tent Schedule coming up

– British Summer Time- Hyde Park

– Wireless Festival

– Latitude Festival

– V Festival (Weston Park and Hylands Park)

– Reading and Leeds Festival

Having self funded the launch of this amazing charity, Music support is now heavily reliant on donations to further fund its programme. To donate please visit


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