An alternative rock band based in London, Judas have only been togther a couple of years but have made waves through the music scene. 

Band members are John Clancy, vocals and guitar; Todd Blackmore, guitar; Sam Horvath, drums; and James Phillips, bass and having finished a UK tour in May and spending the summer featuring in the line up of some of the best festivals, Judas are taking no prisoners when it comes to making an impression. They are gaining a reputation as a band that you simply must see and I was lucky enough to catch their set at Isle of Wight Festival this year and have become a big fan! 

With a repetoire of tracks they have written themselves, these extreamly talented musicians are set for big things. They have recently released “Some People” with their video now available to take a look at. 

John Clancy dominates the performance each time he takes to stage and the rest of the lads put in so much energy and passion that they could easily be mistaken for rock n roll veterans who had been doing the circuit for many years. Judas have the skill to control a show and the audience whether it be a small initimate gig or a large set up. Their stage presence is mesmerising and with hard hitting, anthemic music it is no wonder that they are regulars on the festival scene.


Listening to their tracks, a firm favorite of mine is “Love is the enemy.” The impeccible vocals and smooth guitar mixed with the perfect bass and punchy drum beat are a prime example of the timeless melodies that they are producing. 

Opening the mainstage at Reading Festival on the Friday and Leeds Festival on the Saturday this year, Judas are contining to build their fan base and prove to be the best that they can be. I cant wait to see them again!!

We look forward to hearing more from them and seeing some incredible sets in the very near future. 




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