Between Kings- Brisbane’s finest are coming

When I started my journey into music blogging early this year, I was lucky enough to connect with some incredible new bands and Between Kings was one of them.

Between Kings consists of Nic Machuca (vocals), Jordan Coyne (guitar), Jayden Marsh (Bass) and Nick Fanning (drums). The band was formed by Nic, Jordan and Jayden in 2013 when they all walked out of their music degree together but before long they soon realised a drummer was needed. The auditions attracted one applicant, Nick Fanning, and who turned out to impress them instantly with his drum skills and did that in such a way that he joined the band and Between Kings was born.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Between Kings have been a frequent face on the cities music scene, drumming up a healthy following of fans along the way. Their music captures all human feelings and emotions and it is this that allows the audience to relate to the lyrics and that, along with their musical talents, will be what brings these boys their success.

Their bio states “Loud riffs, driving bass, explosive drum beats amd alluring vocals” and having read a lot of bio’s that bands have written about themselves, I was dubious as to whether this was a creditable description however since listening to their tracks, this is exactly how they should be described.

Searching the internet you will find various songs that Between Kings have uploaded and one of my favourites is Alibi. The video they shot for this song shows them covered in neon paint, playing their instruments, singing and having an incredible time doing it. Having spent the last few months following them on social media, one thing I have learnt about them is they do not take life seriously but they do take their music very seriously and this is highly credible. Both Jordan and Nic are regulars to Instagram Live and having joined them online on many occasions, they are both clearly very passionate about what they are doing and it is this drive and determination that radiates from them.

Following a trip to LA last year, Between Kings have already been described as “Brisbanes best kept secret” and now, having found a compatible management company, they are ready to hit us with their new single The Escape which is due for release on 8th May. The online teasers sound incredible and the hype around the release is growing daily.

With a sound that has been influenced by the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Twenty One Pilots, Vampire Weekend and Bring Me The Horizon, if you are looking to hear some new alternative rock/ indie music then you should definitely look up Between Kings. They are incredibly talented musicians and song writers and give their all to their performances, their fans and the “BK Empire”.

Im looking forward to seeing what the new single sounds like aswell as the rest of their album which I have heard is now complete. I am equally looking forward to them gracing the UK with their presence and seeing some of their live shows in due course and maybe even getting a chance to meet them for a proper chat.


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