Rationale- A Timeless Talent

Tinashe Fazakerley is a Zimbabe born singer song writer who moved to London at the age of 7 with his family. His Mother had career aspirations for her son which would have seen him become a doctor or a lawyer however at the age of 16, Tinashe had his heart set of being a musician and with that his Mother made him leave home so he spent the next few months sofa surfing and learning a lot about himself.


Bought up on the likes of New Order and Pat Metheny, the Fazakerley household was full of soul and jazz and it is these musical memories that would inevitably have an influence of Rationales sounds. His influence, however has always been those musicians that are happy to hide away for a period of time to really focus on the music and to create a masterpiece that was work the wait. And it is this creative ethos that makes the illusive Rationale so addictive.

Releasing his debut EP as Rationale, Fuel to the Fire was a track that he wanted to really make a bold first impression and he certainly did that. Attracting interest from internationally recognised stars such as Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, he also found his was on to may “One to Watch” lists amongst industry influencers. Rationale interviews show a very humble person and when this subject comes up his responses are of gratitude but he has described this accreditation as an extra pressure to work harder.

I have found a similarity in many artists I have researched and written about which I hadn’t even thought would be an issue. They are all very self critical. Dan Smith (Bastille), Matt Wills, Rag n Bone Man and now Rationale are open about how they critic themselves and their work on a regular basis and with some of them openly saying that they would prefer to not have their face in the spot light at all so they can concentrate on the music and still have an element of privacy.

Having seen Rationale support Bastille last year, I was mesmerised by his soulful yet incredibly powerful tones. Being liked to Tracy Chapman, you can see how this artist has attracted support from such influential people. His ability to win over a cold crowd is creditable and having the entire o2 arena on their feet and mirroring those incredible dance moves whilst cradling a cup of tea is something only a dedicated professional would be able to do and that was exactly what happened. Sheer unadulterated energy from start to finish partnered with the powerhouse vocals which leave you speechless and wanting more.

His live sets are a credit to him and ensure that the entire show is an experience to the audience. I left that venue as a Rationale fan and I am sure that the other 20,000 people felt the same.

Rationale has just released his next single “Deliverance”  which was been a favourite of many at his live sessions across his UK tour recently and is about a tough time in his life and goes through a mix of emotions along the way. Its fantastic and by far one of my most favourite new tracks at the moment.

Rationale will be continuing his UK tour and you can also see him at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth 25th – 27th August 2017



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