London based singer/ song writer Nash has released his debut EP “She don’t know”

Described as 60s rock with a modern twist, when you listen to the EP you can clearly hear his influences The Beatles and Jack White throughout with undertones from the likes of the Rolling Stones and The Doors alike. 

Having worked on the EP with the highly credible producer JB Pilon, both have created a sound which leaves you wanting more. The five track EP is lead by the infectious single “CK’  which happens to be my favourite and is catchy and one that easily get people up and dancing. Incredible guitar riffs, fantastic vocals and the perfect intro to the entire EP. 

If you are looking for new music that is euphoric, covers all emotions yet has the sound of the most iconic decade in British music history, then “She Don’t Know” is definately what you need to be listening to.

Go to iTunes or Spotify to download “She Don’t Know”


Between Kings- Brisbane’s finest are coming

When I started my journey into music blogging early this year, I was lucky enough to connect with some incredible new bands and Between Kings was one of them.

Between Kings consists of Nic Machuca (vocals), Jordan Coyne (guitar), Jayden Marsh (Bass) and Nick Fanning (drums). The band was formed by Nic, Jordan and Jayden in 2013 when they all walked out of their music degree together but before long they soon realised a drummer was needed. The auditions attracted one applicant, Nick Fanning, and who turned out to impress them instantly with his drum skills and did that in such a way that he joined the band and Between Kings was born.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Between Kings have been a frequent face on the cities music scene, drumming up a healthy following of fans along the way. Their music captures all human feelings and emotions and it is this that allows the audience to relate to the lyrics and that, along with their musical talents, will be what brings these boys their success.

Their bio states “Loud riffs, driving bass, explosive drum beats amd alluring vocals” and having read a lot of bio’s that bands have written about themselves, I was dubious as to whether this was a creditable description however since listening to their tracks, this is exactly how they should be described.

Searching the internet you will find various songs that Between Kings have uploaded and one of my favourites is Alibi. The video they shot for this song shows them covered in neon paint, playing their instruments, singing and having an incredible time doing it. Having spent the last few months following them on social media, one thing I have learnt about them is they do not take life seriously but they do take their music very seriously and this is highly credible. Both Jordan and Nic are regulars to Instagram Live and having joined them online on many occasions, they are both clearly very passionate about what they are doing and it is this drive and determination that radiates from them.

Following a trip to LA last year, Between Kings have already been described as “Brisbanes best kept secret” and now, having found a compatible management company, they are ready to hit us with their new single The Escape which is due for release on 8th May. The online teasers sound incredible and the hype around the release is growing daily.

With a sound that has been influenced by the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Twenty One Pilots, Vampire Weekend and Bring Me The Horizon, if you are looking to hear some new alternative rock/ indie music then you should definitely look up Between Kings. They are incredibly talented musicians and song writers and give their all to their performances, their fans and the “BK Empire”.

Im looking forward to seeing what the new single sounds like aswell as the rest of their album which I have heard is now complete. I am equally looking forward to them gracing the UK with their presence and seeing some of their live shows in due course and maybe even getting a chance to meet them for a proper chat.

Ella Eyre

With her distinctive and soulful sound, MOBO and BRIT award winning singer songwriter Ella Eyre has had an incredible few years. Born Ella McMahon, her power house vocals can only leave a lasting impression on any listener and if you havent heard her before, then I can guarentee you will do during 2017. At the age of 23, Ella has a huge following of “Eyre heads” and having recently sold out her headline show at KOKO London, this year is set to get better and better.  

Born to a Maltese fashion designer and a Jamacian chef, Ella has always been competitive having started training as a swimmer during her teen years which eventually gave her a scholarship to boarding school in Somerset. Ear health put a stop to this sport and Ella soon enrolled to the BRIT school in Croydon where she was able to learn the arts and in particular she was able to focus on musical theatre. Any interview you read with Ella describes the moment Ella was cast as Tallulah in the stage show of Bugsy Malone and how it was during her time in this role that she realised her love for singing. Having previously been part of choirs but never getting solo roles, she was oblivious to her talent.

Doors were opened for her following the 2013 collaboration with Rudimental on “Waiting all night” which charted at Number 1. If you are a self confessed Eyre Head like I am, you may have noticed that she mixes her incredible vocals with impeccable melodies and that you immediately join her on an emotional rollercoaster that can have you cry one minute and then dance the next. However, following the BRITS performance in 2014, it was blatantly obvious that Ella was one to give 100% of her energy to her performance and she even stated that this particular performance was fuelled by adrenaline and anticipation. Being a fan of big and bolshy shows, she will always ensure any audience has an incredible time. Aswell as being Runner-Up in BBCs Sound of 2014, Ella has also appeared on tracks with Tinie Tempah, Bastille and Naughty boy and certainly not forgetting the fantastic DJ Fresh with “Gravity.”

Having met Ella in a cold and wet Leicester Square in February this year for the UK premiere of Fifty Shades Darker, she is easily one of the most approachable artists in the industry. As usual she appeared impeccible against my windswept, I’ve been stood in the cold for about 3 hours, look and with her flawless skin and incredible curly hair, it is no wonder she became the face of Armani Diamonds. The internet is inundated with interviews detailing her beauty and fitness regimes however she has stated that her hair, which can take up to 3 hours to style, is her statement piece and as such she tends to limit the amount of make up she wears. Beauty goals!!!!

Feline, her debut album, was released in August 2015 and is a fantastic album full of relatable tracks which are based around real life thoughts and feelings for Ella. Having been influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Micheal Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald (who she was named after) it was always important to Ella that her fans could relate to the lyrics she sings. The album is described by her as a diary and with tracks she wrote from the age of 16 and continued to write up to the release date, you can clearly hear her growing up from track to track. Certainly one of my go to feel good albums!

So what has 2017 got in store for Ella Eyre, well I am very excited to see her perform at V Festival this year and if her instagram has anything to go by, her forthcoming music has some incredible collaborations in store (not verified) with teasing pictures and story updates from the likes of Sigala. Having also just revealed that she will be supporting Little Mix this year, there is clearly a lot that she is looking to give this year. We know she is working really hard to finalise her second album and I am certainly looking forward to hearing some new music from her this summer.

Rationale- A Timeless Talent

Tinashe Fazakerley is a Zimbabe born singer song writer who moved to London at the age of 7 with his family. His Mother had career aspirations for her son which would have seen him become a doctor or a lawyer however at the age of 16, Tinashe had his heart set of being a musician and with that his Mother made him leave home so he spent the next few months sofa surfing and learning a lot about himself.


Bought up on the likes of New Order and Pat Metheny, the Fazakerley household was full of soul and jazz and it is these musical memories that would inevitably have an influence of Rationales sounds. His influence, however has always been those musicians that are happy to hide away for a period of time to really focus on the music and to create a masterpiece that was work the wait. And it is this creative ethos that makes the illusive Rationale so addictive.

Releasing his debut EP as Rationale, Fuel to the Fire was a track that he wanted to really make a bold first impression and he certainly did that. Attracting interest from internationally recognised stars such as Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, he also found his was on to may “One to Watch” lists amongst industry influencers. Rationale interviews show a very humble person and when this subject comes up his responses are of gratitude but he has described this accreditation as an extra pressure to work harder.

I have found a similarity in many artists I have researched and written about which I hadn’t even thought would be an issue. They are all very self critical. Dan Smith (Bastille), Matt Wills, Rag n Bone Man and now Rationale are open about how they critic themselves and their work on a regular basis and with some of them openly saying that they would prefer to not have their face in the spot light at all so they can concentrate on the music and still have an element of privacy.

Having seen Rationale support Bastille last year, I was mesmerised by his soulful yet incredibly powerful tones. Being liked to Tracy Chapman, you can see how this artist has attracted support from such influential people. His ability to win over a cold crowd is creditable and having the entire o2 arena on their feet and mirroring those incredible dance moves whilst cradling a cup of tea is something only a dedicated professional would be able to do and that was exactly what happened. Sheer unadulterated energy from start to finish partnered with the powerhouse vocals which leave you speechless and wanting more.

His live sets are a credit to him and ensure that the entire show is an experience to the audience. I left that venue as a Rationale fan and I am sure that the other 20,000 people felt the same.

Rationale has just released his next single “Deliverance”  which was been a favourite of many at his live sessions across his UK tour recently and is about a tough time in his life and goes through a mix of emotions along the way. Its fantastic and by far one of my most favourite new tracks at the moment.

Rationale will be continuing his UK tour and you can also see him at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth 25th – 27th August 2017