From initially making music in his bedroom, frontman Dan Smith and fellow band mates Will Farquarson, Chris Woody Wood and Kyle Simmons are without doubt UKs favourite Indie band making up the impeccable talent Bastille.

The spine tingling vocals of Dan together with the lads collective musical dexterity have allowed Bastille to create songs with meaning which get people thinking but also up and jumping.

Their debut album “Bad Blood” was Britains biggest selling digital album when it was released in2013. “Pompeii” is a personal favourite of mine but at one point was the most streamed song of all time in the Uk and spent 92 weeks in the billboard hot 100.  Described as noirish and a mostly guitar-free take on guitar pop, Bad Blood threw the friends to global chart glory and propelled them to festival headliners in the process.

Dan, the self confessed Glastonbury addict, has even registered and purchased festival tickets to Glastonbury due to disbelief that the band would be playing there. It’s this humbled stance on life that makes Bastille one of my absolute favourite bands at the moment.

So with Bad blood being about growing up, Bastilles second album “Wild World” is about finding your place in the world. During a recent interview Dan told of how it’s about getting across that feeling of insignificancy in all crazy world and how you reconcile this by finding solace in human relationships. He went on to say that this relates to them as a band as well where they are going through this immense experience of fame and popularity but they have tried to maintain the same close relationships by keeping the same tight knit team and touring crew around them. By doing this they believe it brings a sense of normality in what can be a surreal and unreal situation. In all interviews with Bastille whereby the question has been asked about what inspired the Wild World album, you will see that this is the basis of their response. Whilst it is predominantly just coincidence, the release of the album and the subsequent arena tour have come at a time whereby there are surreal things happening all over the word and the message of finding solace in relationships is one to be treasured and taken on board.

Having been at the O2 arena in November 2016 to watch Bastille, I was able to see first hand how these lads can give off a more “infamous” persona. They give off a vibe whereby you want to be mates with them instantly and many journalists have said that it’s like speaking to friend of a friend when  you sit with  Bastille. Dan particularly is happiest talking about anything other than himself and his responses to journalists portray this immensely, they feel awkward and embarrased about attention but this make us love them even more. All members of Bastille are clearly extremely talented musicians and growing in popularity however even at music events they still say that they feel like competition winners rather than invited guests!

“Wild World” certainly features more guitar than the debut album and the genre is so varied that you feel disorientated when listening from start to finish. However this was the exact feeling they were wanting to achieve and even down to the playlist order, this is all part of the experience they set out to achieve. With the beautiful vocals, clever sting arrangements, horn riffs, trumpets and a guitar that at times leaps out of your speakers and smacks you across the face, Wild World has been one of the most listened to albums in my household and if I had it in CD or cassette I would have had to have rebought to several times as I have no doubt I would have played it so much it would have burnt out! The album resembles a mixtape whereby you go from the slow ballad style of Two Evils, through to the thought provoking and horn based Send Them Off to the heavy head and arm bopping The Draw.

Currently in Eastern Europe on tour, the band are certainly taking the world by storm. With a schedule for this year which make you tiered just by looking at it, Bastille are clearly highly dedicated to what they do and this shines through with the energy they put into every show. It’s unlikely we will see any more Chaos Planet style secret intimate gigs however I am still holding out hope. We are excited to see them in the Uk again very soon at Reading and Leeds festival and Isle of Wight Festival and waiting to see if any more live dates are announced over the coming weeks.


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