Thank you for the music

These last few weeks have been insane and highly anticipated with the release of some incredible music.

Stormzy released his debut album Gang signs and Prayer which rocketed to the top of the UK charts with a record number of downloads topping 20,000 in one week The Croydon born MC has bought Grime into mainstream music and the gentle giant has certainly made a name for himself. His surprise collaboration with Ed Sherran at BRIT awards was insane and I can guarentee there is more to come from Stormzy.

Speaking of Ed Sheeran, the countries favourite ginger haired singer FINALLY released his Divide album on Friday. Since taking a year out, Ed has been a clever cookie with regards to his PR surrounding his return and his new work. Using social media to announce single releases, he has dominated the singles charts and teasing us about the album including sharing the track list only but not discussing the sound.

Friday 3rd march I downloaded Divide as soon as it was released. As a long standing Ed Sheeran fan, I was keen to listen from start to finish on the release date and if his previous albums were anything to go by, I was going to be in for a treat and he did not disappoint. I had a 2 hour drive to Essex so I set off down the motorway to the starting sound of Eraser.

I am not known for my technical talents and even the use of Spotify can confuse me so I struggled to play the album start to finish however I had my trusted SHUFFLE button. So I listened to the album in a different order to the rest of the world but either way I heard it all. Music is my life and I love how it can make people feel. I have always had an immediate connection to a song and will generally know if Inlike it straight away or not. So firstly, I don’t like Barcelona, this was the only song on the album that made me want to lean for the button and skip forward after just 1 minute. I can’t quite explain why but it wasn’t for me. Literally every other song I love!

We are now all very familiar with Castle on the hill and Shape of you both of which are brilliant pop songs and the first two to be jointly released and went straight in at number 1 and 2 in the U.K. Charts.

Divide really homes in on the Irish folk sounds with Galway girl and Nancy Mulligan instantly making you want to start a jig! You can’t help but feel happy and jolly listening to either of these songs and I was certainly having a little dance in the car. The same goes for Bibia Be Ye Ye which gave me a feeling of being on a tropical island and my shoulders and head started to move and I was ready to party! A welcome feeling for a Friday morning. My shuffle next played for me Supermarket Flowers and I don’t think I can ever forget the feeling I experienced going from party vibes to such sadness. I’m a huge music fan and can honestly say that I have never felt such a huge shift in mood when listening to two consecutive songs. Ed is a genius!

For me my favourite album song is What do I know?  A catchy and highly relevant pop song that makes me smile when I hear it… love can change the world in a moment..but what do I know?

The emotional rollercoaster that I went on during my drive was incredible and this is exactly what I want from an album. From idealic love songs to toe tapping, Gaelic toned melodies, Divide has something for everyone and I challenge you to find me someone who can’t find something they like on this album. With each music style used Sheeran remains in control and each song oozes with nostalgia to really bring his memories to light in a way that everyone can relate.

If this kind of talent and work emerges after a year away from social media and being able to experience the world then we all have a lot to learn. Just incredible!

While Stormzy and Ed are ruling the charts we have a number of wonderful artists releasing new music to us. After 3 years, Lorde has returned with Greenlight. Her instantly recognisable tones bring us a song which starts slow talking about applying make up in someone else’s car but soon takes a turn and Greenlight becomes a dance anthem. I love this so much and so pleased she is back!

Following their appearance on BRITs, the Chainsmokers and Coldplay released Something Just Like This. They broke the YouTube record for the number of views received within 24 hours of debut hitting over 9 million views on that first day alone! A corker of a track which will certainly be blasted out of my car and will be a tune of the summer.

My list could go on and on with the fabulous music that has come out these past couple of weeks. However I have realised that in a world where we download any music we want at any time, we are missing out on the novelty of opening up to the lyrics to a new cassette or CD and learning songs word for word. Im going to start making a consious effort to go and physically purchase a CD from a music store just so I can do exactly that. 

Im so excited to see what else will come out this year……





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