Brit Awards 2017

My journalism jouney started from that iconic Brit Awards 1997 where the Spice Girls stole the show singing “Who do you think you are” where the following day I was in the school playground doing the dance routine with friends and hitting the local market for a union jack dress of my own. I still know the dance routine but luckily I do not still own the union jack dress.

From that moment I wrote about everything. My favourite CDs, the cassette singles I haf bought, a full run down of the UK top 40 or even what was on the news. I spent a lot of my time recording off my HiFi system and playing back making sure I did not miss a fact or figure and proceeded to create a book of what I believed to be journalism masterpieces. I don’t know what ever happened to it but this year I have restarted this little side line and what apt way to do my first proper review than of the BRIT awards 20 years after I first started.

Having never attended the BRIT awards, I have tried everything possible to have been part of the BRITs this year and would have loved to have been invited along. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be so I hogged the TV remote and watched it live on TV.

The hype around the BRITs has been amazing with so many rumours flying around about the collabs, guests, will One Direction attend as a complete 4 piece? Will Harry Styles duet with Ed Sheeran?  Sadly neither happened, but what did happen was magical! 

Little Mix opened the show with a spell binding performance of “Shout out to my Ex!”The girls looked incredible, all opting for a blonde based hair style and my god did they sing their hearts out. This is my in car jam which I love to sing out loud so having this start the BRITs was INCREDIBLE! Really great way to get everyone going. The girls went on to win their first ever BRIT award statue for British single and looked pleased as punch. 

Dermot O’Leary and Emma Willis were presenting the show as replacement for Michael Buble. We all wish Noah and the Buble family all the best we really do however Derms and Em were brilliant hosts. Great choice in my opinion.

Bruno Mars has some lungs on him and belts out some corking notes! His old school vibe really allows him to play the showman and the audience lap it up.

As with every show I see them at or on, the 1975 are one of the most humbling, down to earth bunch of lads I have ever seen and not only that, they have an impecible talent. After winning the award for Best British Group, I take my hat off to them for the pink quotes that appeared on the TV screen and in the arena as this set social media on fire. Such a clever piece of PR but noone was sure if it was for publicity or if ITV had been hacked. If you didn’t see the quotes here are a few that appeared on screen during their set

By using quotes from their critics, The 1975 really have been able to slap their doubters across the face with a wet fish and prove them wrong! The whole of social media was talking about it and the band themselves too. Very clever lads.

Emeli Sande performed tonight with her soulful voice and mesmerizing tones. A force to be reckoned with Emeli snatched Best Female Solo Artist and shared the award with her sister on stage.

Rag n Bone man has had an amazing year and 2017 is set to be even better. Having already picked up Critics choice, he also was presented with British Breakthrough Act and was left speechless at the podium. I am a huge Bastille fan and have listened to some great tracks featuring Rag n Bone mans unique but recognisable voice so I am already very aware of this mans talents. I look forward to seeing him at festivals across the country this summer.

Having relaunched her new look recently, Katy Perry sang her new single Chained to the Rhythm alongside dancing white houses and Skip Marley. The catchy pop song is a hit where ever you go and Katy didnt disappoint. Katy was joined on stage by 2 very large skeletons who resembled two figures we are all very aware of at the moment.

Did Katy intend for this uncanny resemblence?

 I had to laugh seeing one of the houses fall off stage. I can only imagine the sheer  embarrassment he or she must have felt knowing that they were live at one of the UKs biggest music awards events with the world watching. Seriously, I hope they are OK, but still funny!

We were all aware that there would be a George Michael tribute tonight but I for one wasn’t prepared for how much of a tear jerker it would be. Georges friends Pepsi and Shirlie and Wham! band mate Andrew Ridgeley gave an emotional speech about George which would have thawed even the coldest of hearts. I had a lump in my throat as they reminised about George with passion and love. Chris Martin of Coldplay went on to perform Michaels stunning A Different Corner with taped clips of George to create a wonderful duet. Despite a lot of critism on Twitter, I thought it was a beautiful way to remember a truelly British talent.

“Audio Muted” started to trend on Twitter during Skeptas performance of “Shutdown.” The London Grime MC was beaten by the iconic David Bowie for Best British Male Solo Artist whilst showcasing against a visually pleasing black and red background. Being after the watershed, “Audio Muted” was not required and did ruin how this was viewed from home.

The man of the night for me was of course Ed Sheeran. The ginger ninja has created a storm(zy) around him relating to his singles, collaborations, tour and album and after his year away has clearly set tracks to rip up 2017. His highly anticipated BRITs performance sparked so many rumours and with Ed dropping tiny clues everywhere he went, he really did start the rumour mill turning. Ed is one of the UKs most successful artists and I for one am an HUGE fan. I am still trying to get his tour tickets however in the mean time I am catching his live performances where ever I can and that included tonight. Castle on the Hill was his first song of the evening, the entire arena was singing along and as soon as he went into Shape of you they were on their feet. Ed had hinted of a duet which he successfully managed to keep a secret however when Stormzy joined Ed on stage the O2 erupted! I felt the energy from my sofa and my word was that an incredible moment. Pure genius!

The Global Icon award went to Brits veteran Robbie Williams. Robbie closed this years BRITs with what was a medley but only of his new songs. I get he has a new album to promote but I was banking on hearing some classics tonight and it didn’t happen. Disappointed as I was, Robbie did entertain me and I am sure he did for many others too. Although I have seen clipa to show him singing classics after the cameras had stopped filming.

All in all it looked a fabulous night. Without even being there, I went through every emotion possible from laughing at the poor house dancer, to crying for George and everything in between. Another job well done by the BRITs teams however I have every intention of being part of it all next year. Watch this space!


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