Planning in progress

Hi everyone!

Happy February!

I can’t believe how quickly January went. And what a January it was!

Firstly I want to thank every single person that has viewed my first,very amateur blog. I have genuinely been over whelmed with the number of views I have had and from all over the world. Equally thank you to all my new instagram followers. It is so motivating to see your interest in me and my goals so thank you so much!

My January has mostly been building up my followers, viewing so much amazing unsigned music and planning my next few months.

I am borderline obsessive with instagram and some of the music I have seen has been incredible! I have been loving the live option so when people are filming at gigs I get the privilege of listening in and the talent is outstanding. I have every intention of following this more closely and raving about specific artists who really stand out for me. If you know of or are a musician, band or solo artist please follow me Amy.elizabeth87 as I would love to hear from you.

In other exciting news I met with the senior PR media relations manager and the events manager at virgin media today! I was so lucky that they agreed to meet me as I wanted to gain knowledge of event management and PR and they were able to provide me with some wonderful bits of advise and insight so that I can look at this in more detail.I would LOVE to be able to be involved with the organising and management of a high profile event such as V Festival which is what drew me to these lovely ladies in the first place. I have contacts action points and details I need to move this dream forward so this is where my planning starts to take shape.

I have spent the last couple of weeks reaching out to festivals to see what involvement I can have with them. I’m very excited to have heard back from Hogsozzle which looks to be a fantastic event full of character and fantastic music so watch this space!

Please do follow me on instagram and share this blog as I have every confidence that this year is going to be one hell of a journey and I can’t wait!


speak soon. X


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Music writer, in car singer, music lover who is ready to take on exciting new opportunities and blog all about it! Be ready for general blogs on day to day, meetings, festivals, music and much more.

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