Start of things to come…

thank you for following my blog.


This is new to me but something I have wanted to do for a while. I’m a 29 year old wife  to James and mother to my 5 year old son. I work for a large corporate property company where I run the property management for the lettings teams. I am very proud of what I have achieved and the position I have worked so hard to get to.


As as a youngster, I spent a lot of my time writing, acting, singing and I even learnt to play the double bass! It would be me that instigated a group of us in a circle in the playground to spend play time singing spice girls songs, or starting an Abba tribute act. I loved to perform. It didn’t mean I was any good at it  but I loved it.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to record the top 40 on a Sunday evening and to write a piece based on the outcome. I recorded nearly every broadcast of the 9/11 disaster and wrote a number of  columns for my own make believe newspaper.Journalism was where I wanted to head and as I grew up, magazine journalism was my passion with a focus on music and popular culture.

I was an organiser, plays, shows, clubs, social gatherings etc

At 18 I finished college passing Sociology, Business,film and media and started to thing about you next move. University? Or take a year out?

I decided a year out was a great idea and I started to work as a letting administrator in the same company I work for now.

Life happened….

The job was comfy, I was in a stable relationship and we bought a  house….no more uni dreams.

10 and a bit years later and I have a lovely family, a roof over our head, a good job butI have come to the realisation I am nearly 30 and all the exciting aspirations I had as a child and teenager haven’t been followed. I have only been to 1 festival!! I have only been to 3 gigs!

So you have joined me at an exciting time and this year is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!! I intend to go to festivals and shows and gigs and write about it so you can be part of this with me!

I have some some amazing meetings scheduled which I shall speak about on the next blog.

Im very excited about this and hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

Catch-up very soon