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BBC have announced details of The Biggest Weekend

Today the BBC have announced the locations of their Biggest Weekend with the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Taylor swift and Ed Sheeran already confirmed to perform.

The new multi-site festival will take place across four locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the May bank holiday (25-28 May.)

The one off event will be extensively covered on BBC TV and radio shows and of course will be available on the BBC iplayer.



Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift

Plus more to be announced


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Nigel Kennedy with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Plus more to be announced


Billy Ocean

Snow Patrol

Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band

Nigel Kennedy with the BBC Concert Orchestra

Plus more to be announced



Courtney Barnett

Manic Street Preachers

Public Service Broadcasting

Plus more to be announced

Each of the BBC’s music stations will be taking part and being represented at various stages across the UK with Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network in Swansea, Radio 2 and 3 will play host at Perth and Coventry while 6 Music takes over Belfast.

175,000 tickets will go on sale on Monday February 12 for £18 plus £4.50 booking fee each with a percentage going to fans within the local areas.

For more information please visit BBC Biggest Weekend

BRITs week War Child shows are coming…

Together with O2, War Child has come up trumps again with a host of world class artists playing small intimate gigs for an incredible cause.

Starting 12th February and running to 24th February, the likes of Jessie Ware, Deaf Havana and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man are going to be playing some of Londons best music venues with the most recent addition being Ed Sheeran who will play Indigo at O2. These shows also head to Manchester where Wolf Alice will be playing Gorilla.

This stellar line up are all performing to support the work that War Child do in war stricken countries, providing vital support to children in conflict areas. With a mission to “Protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children caught up in war” money and awareness raised from these shows will make a huge difference.

In 2017 War Child raised £567,000 from their Brits Weeks shows together with O2, showcasing artists such as Craig David, Tinie Tempah and Paul Wellar. This years line up, I am sure, can beat that figure.

Prize draws are open now which gives fans the opportunity to see their favourite artists for a donation of £5 per entry with up to 20 chances available. Head over to to enter.

Sweet Charity Choir cover Foo Fighters “Come Alive” for Music Support

The creative child of Musical Director Jenny Deacon, Sweet Charity Choir have raised over £3000 for charities across the UK and have recently recorded their own rendition of “Come Alive.”

Posting the link on social media, Sweet Charity Choir covered this beautifully powerful Foo Fighters track in aid of Music Support. Music Support is a UK charity supporting and helping those in the music industry with mental health and addiction from artists and managers, to security and crew. They are industry specific so are able to provide tailored, and relevant guidance to those that need it via their 24/7 helpline and by signposting to further services as required. The charity has been set up by the industry, for the industry with everyone involved, including the helpline volunteers, having music industry background and therefore being able to provide specific, relatable support to those who reach out.

Sweet Charity Choir pride themselves in allowing their singers to participate in something they love, to learn new arrangements and to raise money for vital charities along the way. This fantastic cover didn’t go un-noticed and sparked worldwide coverage when Foo Fighters frontman shared the link on all of the bands social media platforms:

Thank you Sweet Charity Choir & Music Support for such a beautiful rendition of “Come Alive” … and for making this song of hope even more hopeful. Perfect way to ring in the new year… Dave”

With mental health and addiction being experienced in silence throughout the music industry, Music Support are providing vital lifelines to so many and this is why awareness such as this is so important in ensuring the right help reaches those that need it. Music Support immediately posted their gratitude to the choir for their support while others from around the world reiterated how wonderful the arrangement was and thanked the choir and Music Support for recognising the need for mental health and addiction awareness.

Jenny Deacon, took to the Sweet Charity Choir facebook page and posted this heartfelt and honest message and referring to this article:

So the dust has only just started to settle in my head, so I’ll try and put a few things down.

When I listened to ‘Come Alive’ it immediately spoke to me on a personal level about my battle with depression and at times, very dark thoughts about my existence. I still have them but through the medium of music, in all its shapes and forms, it has allowed me to find an outlet; to pour myself into making music with other people. I always feel better when I’m making music with people.

So when I heard this song again in May, a light just ignited inside me and I decided I was going to write it for the choir because I thought not only would it sound powerful, but it would challenge the singers musically as well as mentally. After they had learned it, and after seeing the reaction it had on everyone I decided I wanted to try and do something. One of my singers brought my attention to Music Support and I couldn’t believe how perfect it was for our ‘vision’ and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard of it. I then wondered how many other people hadn’t heard of it who were in need of tailored expert help from people who honestly understood the industry.

I, like so many of us, was so saddened when Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell took their lives this year but I was especially moved after a friend of mine had told me how much roadies suffer, and I hadn’t even thought about that side of the industry (thank you Jessee).

This article in particular is fantastic for explaining perfectly what Music Support does for people, why they are so passionate about what they do, and why they need to be noticed.

I didn’t broadcast this video to ‘plug’ myself or my choir. You are of course so welcome to come and join us, but that’s not why I’ve showcased this choir. The cause is the most important element, but the singers are part of the solution. Join ANY CHOIR. Because singing in a choir is so, so good for you. Not only does it provide a stimulating challenge and release endorphins, but it welcomes you in to a musical community, synchronising heartbeats (literally) and positivity together. It can bring you life long friendships, meaning and purpose and all whilst doing something good for your brain and your body. It saved me, so maybe it could save someone else.

So I thank every person involved in this, I thank Music Support, I thank Foo Fighters I thank the choir and the crew and I thank the endless possibilities of music for giving me purpose and happiness.

Foo Fighters are due to play the UK in 2018 and there are calls for the Sweet Charity Choir to be invited to perform this incredible cover with the band. There has been no word from the Foo’s on whether this will happen however it is something I know both the choir and Music Support would be very honoured to be part of.

Huge congratulations to Jenny Deacon and everyone involved.

Louis Berry- The Boiler Room- Guildford

17th October saw Liverpool lad, Louis Berry take to the intimate stage at The Boiler Room to give the audience a taste of his talent and show off all he had to give.

His swagger and stage presence oozes confidence while his modern rock and roll sound conbined with his unique and addictive voice radiates soul. Throughout the entire set he had the crowd at his beck and call and having been the only artist I have seen to swig Jack Daniels straight from bottle, he was certainly up for a good night.

The up and coming artist has spent the summer touring and playing festivals, building a fan base that will inevitably follow him as he conquers the music scene. Opening the set with Rebel, Nicola and .45 before he even spoken got the crowd rared up and the atmosphere in the venue was immense. The energy that Louis and his band put into the performance was admirable and when Louis swapped his guitar to acoustic, the tempo changed to hear the beautiful lyrics of Laurie. 

Berry’s gravelly tones gave each song a personal touch and again, he made reference to his thoughts on those that do not write their own songs, further proving that his talent doesnt just lie on stage but also in the studio when he writes. 

Louis Berry clearly enjoyed every moment on that stage and fed off the energy that the crowd were giving off. Of course there was only one way to end such a strong and incredible set and that was with She Wants Me which gave everyone in the room one last chance to dance, jump and sing out loud.

If you get the chance to see Louis Berry play live I would thoroughly recommend it. A set and performance to rival even the most established of artists and a lyrical genius with a keen eye for audience enticement, a proper entertainer!

The Hoosiers- The Trick to Life 10 year anniversary

Night 5 of an extensive UK tour celebrating the tenth anniversary of their hit record “The Trick to Life” saw The Hoosiers descend on Guildford into one of my most favourite intimate venues The Boiler Room. 

The night opened with a set from Hampshire based Flash Fires. Having previously supported the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen and Ash, it was evident that there indie/ alternative rock sound was going to compliment the imminent Hoosier. The five piece put on a brilliant performance and really warmed up the audience for the evening ahead.

Second support was Nikki Ambers. Having confessed her nerves to the crowd and standing alone on stage, she went on to provide a beautiful, soulful performace singing tracks which are both honest and truthful.

Who can believe that 10 years ago we were singing our hearts out to “Goodbye Mr A” and “Cops and Robbers” yet here we are celebrating a decade of this incredible record. When The Hoosiers announced their anniversary tour, we were all pretty excited but to play in the small and intimate venues was just special and something that was not to be missed. 

As the foursome took to the stage of their sell out show, the crowd erupted and sent temperatures souring in the aptly named Boiler Room.  The first half of the show featured The Trick To Life played in full from start to finish. Despite attracting a mixed age group of fans, everyone was bought together with the hits “Goodbye Mr A” “Cops and Robbers” and “Worried about Ray” in a nostalgic chorus of song that echoed around the venue. 

The entire set was a electric celebration of a momentous record and ended with some of their more recent work plus a couple of covers from the likes of The Weekend. 

A fantastic gig laced with everything you would ever want from a nostaligic and reminiscent set in a pretty sweaty yet charming music venue.

Matt Wills- Cigarettes, City Lights and a whole lot of talent

A young British singer song writer with the support and backing of some of the most acclaimed artists, Matt Wills is making waves in the music industry. 

With the success of his recent headline shows, the release of his debut album and a string of sensational festival sets this summer, Wills is continuing to prove his place across the scene. I caught up with him to see how it is all going for him:

When did you love for music start? My family are all big music heads and my dad used to be a DJ so every day he and my mum would drive me to school and hand me this big case of Cds and cassettes and teach me about their favourite songs and I just became obsessed. I always wanted to make music from that and then when i realised as a teenager that through music I could say all the things I was to shy or nervous to a actually say I fell in love with that freedom.

When did you know that you wanted to make this a career? It was when I was at school and I used to always play gigs and everyone else I was gigging with was getting ready to go uni and get there back up plan in place. I was just like fuck that I don’t want a back up plan. I want to make music for a living, there’s no other option. Looking back I’m really lucky it has all worked out.

Who are your main music influences? It varies day to day. I really love the songwriting from the 80s and 70s so like Tears for Fears, Hall and Oates etc

You have been through quite a lot and experienced more than most your age, how do you think this influences or impacts the songs you write and the music you make? I’m thankful for every mistake and fuck up I’ve ever made. I think its made me more vocal about my problems and its made the songs a lot more truthful.

What made you take the plunge to move to London knowing that you didnt have any where to live? It was kinda my only option. My parents had lost their house and it was like either stay in kent and get a job or take my guitar and make one. I’m glad I did it.

Bastille are one of my all time favourite bands and they have had a phenomenal couple of years, how was it on tour with them? It was an unreal experience and they taught me more than anyone else I’ve ever toured with. I’m a still a kid at heart so I mess around and like to go a bit crazy sometimes and they just showed me a level of professionalism whilst also still having fun. I’m mad thankful to them because I’ve seen parts of the world that I would never have had the chance otherwise to see and I’ve always loved their music so every night getting to watch their show was vibe.

Did you learn anything about the industry when you were with them that you didn’t know before? The most successful people in the industry are the nicest. Also how to hold a crowd and perform. My biggest show prior to that was like 5k , these were arena shows to 10k and it really teaches you a lot about yourself as an artist and how much harder you should be working to get to that level.
You have an incredible talent for song writing, what gives you inspiration for great lyrics? I always sit and kind of jam out my lyrics. I never write them down until I’ve finished because I feel like if I just kind sing it off the top of my head and freestyle it, I’ll be talking about what my heart really wants me to talk about

Cigarettes and City lights is out to buy now, how does that make you feel? Its kinda crazy and to have my debut album out is just fucking blowing my mind. I never dreamt to have a single out or to have anything more than a soundclound link and youtube video. Now my debuts album and yeah its crazy. Its been an amazing year

Where did the album title come from? It was from when I first started writing music. My friends and teachers at school were like all you write about is cigarettes and city lights and its just stuck since then 10 years on

You have been writing for a long while now, how did you manage to choose just 14 tracks to appear on your debut album?It just became like natural selection. I had a little playlist on my phone for the past 4 years titled cigarette and city lights and everytime I wrote a song that I thought was dope I would put it on that playlist. I had only 14 spaces so each time a new one went in another one would have to leave. It made you realise which tracks you really loved.

Do you enlist the help of others to assist you in choosing? Me and Chris Bond (the producer) did sit and do a final check and work out the perfect order but no one else.

Do you have a favourite track and if so, what makes it so special? Warn you. I wrote it after a girl dumped me and told me to get a real job. At the time I was still broke and homeless so to end up getting on my debut was a special moment.

How long did it take you to make this album? To me I feel like I’ve always been making this album and I still am.

You are playing a few festivals this summer including Victorious Festival in August, are you looking forward to these sets? What do you like best about the festival sets? I love festivals because theres a mix of fans and people who have never heard me before. And I get to do the same after my shows hang out with friends and fans and go discover some more new music

As you know, I was at your headline show at Omeara and I thought it was sensational, how did it feel being up there on the stage in front of a room of people all there to see youI always love the headlines and I love the fact that every show the crowd grows bigger and stronger. I still cry like a baby when I hear people sing my songs back at me

Will there be a tour coming up? yup. Where will I be going? I don’t know. When? I don’t know. But it’s happening.

Matt will be at Victorious Festival this August Bank-